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RYAN FRAZHO (Rock-Blues)
HOLMSTRUM (Alternative Rock)


Get Moody With Modern Water

Alt-pop duo Modern Water just dropped a full length LP "A Light In The Uncanny Valley". The LP takes you through a ride of moody pop songs with a taste of indie rock evenly sprinkled on top. 

Arlen Brown and Jesse Kennedy are responsible for this release and the two have managed to put something special together. Working with each other for a long time, the songs begin as jam sessions and once the idea is there, they take it to the next level. 

Everything said and done, the LP will make you feel good. Top songs include "Above The Haze", "Lamp Light", and "Cool My Blood, Warm My Heart, Slow My Mind". 


Weekend Weather Rocks with new album Bomb Cyclone

Weekend Weather definitely tells some stories with their Bomb Cyclone album release. Packed with catchy vocals, and a very indie rock style of song writing. The songs supply a great pop feel and the album rocks. The more you listen, the more you feel like maybe these guys must be a great live band as well. 

With focus on indelible choruses and musical hooks, Bomb Cyclone most likely has a  little something for everyone. Guided by vocalist and songwriter known only as Johnny D, the band has performed around Colorado for years and don't plan to stop soon. 

Several singles  emerged from the release and they all show different sides to the band. Notable songs include "Lie To Me", "Honestly" and "Terry Lake" among others. 

Have a good listen to Bomb Cyclone


Ryan Frazho's Solo Rock N' Roll

One man band Ryan Frazho has put out an album called Love Bug Time Machine and it rocks! The album has more  than a few catchy tunes including "In The End". The full record has about 10 tracks and a lot of it is fun alternative rock with musicianship and song writing that shows experience, maturity and still a youthful energy. 

Everything you hear on the Love Bug Time Machine album is written and mostly performed and recorded by Ryan and there was a lot of love that went into it. Songs mostly come off full and satisfying. 

Ryan Frazho took his time with this one and it shows. Listen to the "Santa Cruz Blues" single and see if you end up chanting "fell in love with a girl like you" over and over in your head. Bet it will happen. Excellent straight Rock N' Roll record here! 


A Healthy Dose of Metal With Holmstrum

Holmstrum serves up some pulse pounding metal in their While We Were Distant EP. Hardcore breakdowns, catchy riffs, and full throttle drummer and bassist along with guitars blasting sounds you can't forget, the EP is tied together with their lead vocalists memorable lines. Singer Kody Henry along with guitarist Alex Martinez, drummer Aaron Centeno, and bassist Landon Matson come together naturally and the songs are fluent and powerful through and through. 

"Skinned Doll" crushes with it's screamo attack and combines it with a solid chorus and destructive guitars giving a sound reminiscent of bands like The Deftones and Smashing Pumpkins. With a pressure point at its ultra heavy climax.

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