Vinyl campaign "TO LAPLAND".
TULIMERI, Finnish ElectroPop EDM singer songwriter.
Limited and numbered edition Collector - 50 copies.
6 songs per side including the hits "Risk", "Butterflies" (composed by T.Pitk√§nen), "The Dance of the Northern Lights" (composed by Jonne "Purple Motion" Valtonen.
PRE ORDER NOW - end of campaign on Beginning of February.
Unique pre-order and free listening of all songs at


PHOENIX MUSIC Feedback . GROOVER partnership 

KID NORKJEN "Sweet Day " . PHOENIX feedback

KID NORKJEN - Indie Folk, Singer songwriter, Pop-rock - Norway

Hi Kid Norkjen and thanks for sending me your song. I liked to listen to and I found original that for once a Norwegian artist is not a Black Metal one ! I liked the freshness and lightness of your track and you deserve the success you get on Spotify (almost 4800 monthly fans). I liked the light piano opening, the soft drums perfectly mixed and found your voice very pleasant to hear. Your style is very close I think of some of the country pop leaders like Bob Dylan or Simon & Garfunkel. More contemporary I think your voice is close to one of the best British pop singer who is Peter Astor.

Feedback written by PHOENIX on December 9th, 2019

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JAYE "Tomorrow " . PHOENIX feedback

JAYE - Electronic, Urban, Pop - Singapore

"TOMORROW" Music Video trended in South East Asia and landed on the TOP 20 Charts on YouTube in Singapore.

Hi JAYE ! Thanks for having sent me your song-clip that I really liked to watch and I say that as a professional indie film-maker. The way you're using the Joker character, up-to-date character by the way, shows a style and I think you play well the role (you really look like this ambiguous person in the clip) and the make-up and F/X are excellent too, so congrats to all the music video team because the clip hilights your song. I liked also the reference to childhood. Concerning the song in itself I found it very swinging and dancing, even if I'm not especially used checking this kind of new musical comedy but really you're talented and it's not your very big spotify and youtube fanbase (congrats also for that) that will disagree !

Feedback written by PHOENIX on December 5th, 2019

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