Vinyl campaign "TO LAPLAND".
TULIMERI, Finnish ElectroPop EDM singer songwriter.
Limited and numbered edition Collector - 50 copies.
6 songs per side including the hits "Risk", "Butterflies" (composed by T.Pitkänen), "The Dance of the Northern Lights" (composed by Jonne "Purple Motion" Valtonen.
PRE ORDER NOW - end of campaign on Beginning of February.
Unique pre-order and free listening of all songs at


Why to get the album TO LAPLAND ?

  • To discover this exceptional Finnish artist TULIMERI (3300 monthly listeners, thousands views on youtube) whi is the worthy heir of the great romantic crooners like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Mort Schuman ;
  • because TULIMERI is one of the best ElectroPop and EDM artists of nowadays ;

  • because the album is full to bursting (20mn per side) and his price (20 €) is one of the best quality/price ratio that you can find on the market of the new vinyls ;
  • because it's manufactured and pressed by the vinyl's specialists DIGGERS FACTORY ;
  • because it was conceived and mastered in a professional studio so that the sound is perfect on your vinyl turntables ;
  • because 3 songs "The Dance of the Northern Lights", "Risk", "Butterflies" of the 12 ones of the album have been made in collaboration with some great Finnish composers (Jonne "Purple Motion" Valtonen, Tuomas Pitkänen") ;
  • because when you order this album vinyl you help independent artists like TULIMERI to live and to keep making their art, far away from the standards of the world capitalist market and show business ;
  • because TULIMERI, with his talent and his authenticity, will probably soon become an international renowed and, that day, you will be proud to have his first album vinyl TO LAPLAND.

And the last (but not the least) reason is that if you are now checking this page that means you are vinyl lover, so why would you do without ordering the wonderful album TO LAPLAND by TULIMERI ?

Order now your vinyl because once the 50 numbered albums are manufactured then there will be no certainty that there can be a second manufacturing, therefore only the fastest orders will be successful !

Finally the only risk you take is to be fully satisfied because, unless the vinyl is not manufactured because of lack of orders (that is not likely to happen) and if the case occurs you will be entirely refunded, you will enjoy to receive directly at home your beautiful vinyl wrapped in cellophane.

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